About Us and Our Team

About us


We are a small and passionate team with incredible experience and different skillsets gathered from all areas of the digital world.
Our deep industry interest keep us on top of the latest developments by using project dependent, either trial and tested technologies or the very bleeding edge.



UX/UI & Graphic Design

Gamer since Elementary School, coder in the later High-School years, software developer at Uni, graphic designer now. Enjoys horror movies and nights out with friends.


Visual Media Production

Engineer by trade, gamer by choice, visual media producer by passion. Enjoys playing with new gadgets and to fly drones.


Web Design & Development

Loves to talk about everything and anything. Learning is his major passion, and he takes all opportunities to read about various subject.


We know the internet is full with really bad experiences, that don't follow best practices and with really mesmerizing interactions (not in a good way).

Our goals are to help businesses get their values and products to their users, which in turn helps with increased conversion rates, better understanding of the brand, a wider reach of the target audience while including best practices that the community has concluded upon.

The digital world is a fast-moving target, mobile traffic increases every year and businesses need to be able to reach a far wider audience to be more successful.


We have developed and put processes in place that will help us understand your needs, your products and your users to an extent that will allow us to Design, Develop, Deliver and Support your company’s digital presence.

Using our research and accumulated experience, we will challenge all existing assumptions in order to get to the best possible result for your company, either in digital or print form.

We do our best to explain what each step means and will provide you with data that will help make better decisions faster. We speak ‘English’ and don’t rely on industry jargon to demonstrate our ideas, proposals and conclusions.