Web Design & Development

Web Development & Design

Having a responsive, user friendly and modern website, following industry best practices will help you present your message to your audience on any device, modern or not so modern.

A website or a web-application is an extension of your company’s values and principles and can be a great part in strengthening your value propositions and can help you extend into new markets. A website needs to consider also the products, has to be designed with its users in mind as they will be the ones contributing to your company’s success.

By having a website designed and developed by professionals, you can be sure that the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) will be tested across various types of users and platforms before deployment to ensure that all the functionality is present and that User Journeys (UJ) are as intuitive as possible.

Some of the services that we offer are mentioned bellow (the list is not inclusive as different projects serve different purposes and have various functionalities).



The web design process includes

  • Establish the main goals of the project and how can they be achieved.
  • Creating Wireframes and Functional Prototypes ensures that the functionalities are present and correct.
  • Through extensive research we craft User Interactions
  • We iterate until we achieve a smooth and intuitive User Experience.


The implementation of the Web Design following best practices and the appropriate technologies that will help you achieve the goals set-out with the Web Design.
Extensive testing of the implementation is done to ensure the expected functionality and behaviour.
We ask for your feedback for each milestone that we reach and we discuss and include your comments into the next stages of the development.
When all is done and deployed, we provide a Content Management System (CMS) to let you manage your website by allowing you to create, edit, (un)publish pages, events, content and images that fit your existing and future campaigns.



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a combination of technologies and techniques that allows your website to be indexed and displayed on the first page of search results.

SEO requires an ongoing examination to understand your users and what are they doing on the website, what type of content they prefer, what sections they visit, etc...
By understanding your users we can make tweaks to the content and its type, in order to allow a better and more constant audience reach.



Used for marketing campaigns, social media can be a very effective tool that provides almost real-time feedback.

It can help with marketing campaigns and product releases, (re)positioning of a brand / product and can help your company extending its reach into new markets and audiences.

It is an ongoing process, and has plenty of positive impact, only if done right.